It’s time to take politics out of education funding. Iowa used to be known as a state that guaranteed a world-class public education, but over the years we’ve seen the legislature play politics with education funding, leaving our kids and teachers out in the lurch.

Get Incomes Rising

The best approach to creating jobs and spurring economic activity is to invest in our local communities and grow them from the ground up.

Health Care

How we treat the most vulnerable in our community speaks volumes about our state’s strength and heart — but right now our state isn’t doing enough to fix Iowa’s growing mental health and substance abuse crisis. In every community Fred travels to Iowans are concerned about family members, friends, or neighbors who are in desperate need of mental health care and substance abuse services but don’t have local access.


As Iowans, we take great pride in our land and natural resources — from our fertile soil to our rivers, lakes and trails all across the state.

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