Funding Pre-K and K-12

It’s time to take politics out of education funding. Iowa used to be known as a state that guaranteed a world-class public education, but over the years we’ve seen the legislature play politics with education funding, leaving our kids and teachers out in the lurch.

As governor, Fred will work with local school districts to give them more discretion over how they locally allocate funds. Whether schools need better transportation options or programs to attract top-notch teachers in rural areas, or special funding for ELL programs in urban areas, each school system across the state should be able to provide for their community in the best way possible.

Fred has heard from school superintendents across Iowa who lament the state’s constant fluctuation in funding, preventing proper local planning. Iowa teachers deserve the resources they need to educate, and Iowa children deserve stability in their education that gives them the best opportunity to succeed. That starts with full and consistent funding.

Affordable Higher Education

Iowa’s community colleges and regent schools are state treasures, but Governor Reynolds and Republican legislators are making it harder and harder for students to access higher education. In January, Governor Reynolds announced another round of cuts to higher education funding that would result in steep tuition hikes.

As governor, Fred will work with community colleges and regent schools to stabilize skyrocketing tuition. He brings with him first-hand experience as the former chair of Simpson College, where he worked to regularly find ways to reduce student debt.

Our state grows when we have the best educated workforce possible, but dramatic cuts to higher education are taking a toll on our economic development. Making higher education more accessible and affordable creates a more skilled workforce and helps get Iowa growing.

Job Training and Apprenticeship Programs

Ensuring Iowans have the opportunity for higher paying jobs starts with job training. Across the state, Fred has heard from a number of employers who say jobs are going unfilled because of a lack of qualified candidates. A stronger focus on job training and apprenticeship programs is key to growing our workforce and our economy.

As the interim Director for the Department of Economic Development, Fred prioritized funding for job training and apprenticeship programs, and as governor, it will be a key piece of his education plan. Fred will work with employers to create locally-driven public-private partnerships at all high schools and community colleges to help equip Iowans with the skills local employers are looking for. Iowans deserve to work where they live.

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