As Iowans, we take great pride in our land and natural resources — from our fertile soil to our rivers, lakes and trails all across the state. They not only drive our economy, but boost our quality of life. By investing in renewable energy, preserving our topsoil, and bringing together all Iowans, urban and rural, to address growing water and air quality concerns, we can ensure that the Iowa we all love is safe and protected for future generations.

Fred and his wife, Charlotte, have been long time supporters and advocates for environmental sustainability efforts. Fred served as chairman of the Iowa Power Fund from 2007 – 2011, where he led efforts to invest state funds in the renewable energy sector, helping make Iowa a leading producer of wind power and clean energy. Charlotte currently serves on the Environmental Law and Policy Center’s Iowa Advisory Council, co-founded the Iowa Environmental Council in 1993, and previously served on the Iowa Environmental Protection Commission, overseeing the environmental protection activities of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

Click here to read Fred’s detailed plan to protect Iowa’s precious natural resources.

Air & Water Quality

We need a unified effort, in both our urban and rural communities, to implement long-term, permanent solutions to protect the water we all share. By supporting our farmers to implement sustainable farming practices and promoting expanded soil and water conservation efforts, together with appropriate water quality monitoring and transparency across the state, we can help keep our drinking water and recreational waters clean and safe for all Iowans.

Given the very rapid increase in the number of CAFOs across our state, and the growing number of counties which have registered their frustrations with current rules, it is also time to review the state’s master matrix and its applications.

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