Restoring Workers’

Expanded collective bargaining is not only the right thing to do, it’s personal to Fred. He is a former labor union member, and both his daughter and son-in-law currently belong to a union. When Fred later became a business leader, he regularly worked with unions to encourage their representation in the workforce and ensure fairness at each and every level.

The dismantling of workers’ rights in Iowa is politically motivated and wrong. Every Iowan deserves safe working conditions and to be paid fairly for their work. As governor, Fred would restore Chapter 20, allowing for expanded collective bargaining rights, and restore the workers compensation laws that were recently stripped, allowing Iowans who are hurt on the job the protection they deserve.

Across the state, teachers are leaving Iowa to seek employment in states with stronger collective bargaining rights and better pay. If we want to provide our kids with a world-class education, we need to fix the damage done to workers rights by Republican leadership in the legislature.

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