Supporting Veterans

When our state’s women and men step up to serve, they put everything on the line. They do it for family, friends, and for our country — for all of us. When they return home, they should find a state that is not only grateful for their service but one that makes them feel welcome, that eases them into civilian life and provides them with the resources they need to move their lives forward.

Our Veterans should receive the quality health care they deserve. As governor, I will work to make sure the state of Iowa is an ally in connecting Veterans with services through the VA. In reversing Medicaid privatization and increasing access to mental health services, we’ll reform a system that has grown to value profits over people into one that puts people first.

Beyond services, Veterans should come home to a state that is a partner in their transition back to civilian life. As governor, I will work to ensure our state invests in opportunity, expanding access to capital investment funding, and connecting Veterans to gainful employment in the private sector. The skills forged in military service are invaluable to Iowa’s businesses, and we need that skilled labor across our state — from improving our infrastructure, to teaching our students, to working in our hospitals or clinics. Further, we’ll work to ensure access to quality, affordable, continuing education opportunities so we ensure that development never ceases, and that all Iowans have an opportunity to grow.


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